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About the Chamber

The Chamber strives to make Sun City Center a better place to work, live, and play. Through our many programs and events, we strengthen and promote member businesses while enhancing the unique quality of life in our community.

Chamber membership offers members a way to become part of a larger business network, providing opportunities for meeting and interacting with new contacts, and gaining additional exposure. It also gives consumers a positive perception of the business.

Top 8 Reasons to Belong to a Chamber of Commerce

1. Increase your Visibility in the Community.
As a member, you’re listed in the newsletter, our website, and more. You can also grow your business using additional advertising opportunities afforded exclusively to Chamber members.

2. Networking Opportunities. 
The Chamber offers members many ways to network with other business professionals and community leaders, including monthly mixers and quarterly luncheons.

3. Access to Community Leaders and Elected Officials. 
The Chamber meets regularly with Town officials regarding business issues.

4. Advocacy. 
The Chamber represents the local business community at Town Hall and other venues, giving a voice to the membership’s ideas and needs.

5. Cost-Effective Advertising. 
You receive effective advertising in a variety of ways – the weekly e-Newsletter (which goes out to over 1,000 subscribers), on our website (with over 2,000 unique visitors every month), in our Annual Directory (17,500 magazines distributed each year), and with our friends on Facebook.

6. Professional Development. 
The Chamber has opportunities for members to attend workshops and seminars that will help your business succeed.

7. Small Business Advocacy. 
The Chamber focuses on the needs of small businesses, offering specialized training for small business owners.

8. Credibility. 
Many members of the community consider Chamber of Commerce membership to be a sign of a reputable, solid business.